About us

One of the reasons Appliances Repair Richmond picks its associates with strict criteria is the peculiarity of its job. They must be able to respond quickly to multiple calls of clients, who need immediate appliance service, and they must have excellent knowledge of the particularities of each appliance. This is how we manage to maintain excellent quality services whether we engage in complex jobs or small appliance repair. 

We make sure our technicians have general and specific knowledge of all appliances and we have organized different departments for the best and fastest possible appliances service. Harmony and order enabled the excellent development of this land. The harmonic coexistence of immigrants traveling through the sea and settling in different parts of British Columbia and the excellent combination of economic and cultural development is what makes Richmond unique. 

We managed to create a fabulous world full of little technological miracles and our company has created the foundations to support the necessary fridge repairs and dryer service. Appliances Repair Richmond knows how to take care of complex problems since its technicians have great electrician and plumbing skills and most appliances are connected and work both with water and electricity. We are close to your problems whether you own a hotel, a restaurant or care for home appliance repair.

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